I love cats !

I went to a cat cafe in Shimokitazawa.

Cats had been relaxed.

Cats depending on photography.

Enjoy the evening that will be active cats.


Sushi restaurant

Long time no see everyone!

The other day, we went to "HAMAZUSHI" of  Sushi restaurants.

Can be ordered with a touch display.

Tea is free.

Be careful because the hot water!

Natto roll, flounder, salmon!

Hona love tuna.

There is also a cake.
Gateau chocolat, cheese cake.

This store is always crowded because cheap and delicious.


We came in Machida, Tokyo.

Anyway, I want to eat Thai food!
I found the "ALOI CHINCHIN".

"Kai Yang"
Grilled chicken

It was very nice.

We rode the momentum, next to the shop!

Delicious cafe drinks, food, and desserts.

"Pizza salad salmon"
Grated cheese and basil sauce is the best.
Acidity of black olive effective.

Nice furniture and paintings.

You tried to make a lover?

See you


Director went to Shimokitazawa.Hiroko was with.

I went to " bio ojiyan cafe" in Shimokitazawa.

Painting is a lovely shop.
Smoking seats and sofa seats.
"Ojiya (rice)"
Cooked rice, and eggs in addition.
Soy sauce or miso seasoning is General.

This time topped with plum paste.
Black is "roasted seaweed ”
Fried bread to the left.
Japanese adults nostalgic taste it!

Eat the dessert to the next shop.

"DELI & BAKING, CO.".. the Director's favorite store.
Deli and desserts are delicious!
Hiroko's hobby photography. This day also took a photo.
Delicious Berry muffins.
There are plenty of lovely cafés, Shimo-Kitazawa to come!
See you


Yakitori bar in Kichijoji.

I went to the "Iseya" of  Yakitori bar.
Red lantern is very nice.
Is famous shops are always prosperous.
Chunkus of raw tuna.

Tukune is delicious.Tukune is grilled meatball.

Is a good luck charm of a thriving business.

Please come to play in Kichijoji, there are many cheap and good restaurants!

See you


I love Kichijoji.

We went to Kichijoji "PANCAKE DAYs.".


Simple type is like a popularity.
I got together with the vanilla icecream.

Fruit and lots of whipped cream is to shake the soul of the maiden.

There are also shops in Harajuku.
Try to search if you like!


We visited the apparel shop.

We visited the brand "RoseTiara" that express the cuteness of their own.

This time,we had to cooperate with Mizonokuchi shop.

Is nice and soft cloth.
Cute clothes are becoming a mature woman.

Commemorative photo sitting in a chair for the display.

The official site of  "Rose Tiara"is here.


How was our English?
I wrote with translation app,or are not you know the right word!

See you