Director went to Shimokitazawa.Hiroko was with.

I went to " bio ojiyan cafe" in Shimokitazawa.

Painting is a lovely shop.
Smoking seats and sofa seats.
"Ojiya (rice)"
Cooked rice, and eggs in addition.
Soy sauce or miso seasoning is General.

This time topped with plum paste.
Black is "roasted seaweed ”
Fried bread to the left.
Japanese adults nostalgic taste it!

Eat the dessert to the next shop.

"DELI & BAKING, CO.".. the Director's favorite store.
Deli and desserts are delicious!
Hiroko's hobby photography. This day also took a photo.
Delicious Berry muffins.
There are plenty of lovely cafés, Shimo-Kitazawa to come!
See you

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